Andropause or "Male Menopause" is often characterized by a loss of Testosterone, however, this loss is not simply due to  under active Testicular function. Quite often it is due to excessive Aromatization (conversion to Estradiol) and/ or conversion to dihydrotestosterone (the hair-loss hormone) by 5 alpha & beta Reductases found primarily in the prostate and the skin. This explains the high incidence of male pattern baldness and BPH Benign Prostate Hypertrophy in middle-aged men. Quite often, simply blocking these negative

pathways can improve symptoms and  automatically

raise Testosterone levels !!!!!!

Sadly, many Physicians are unaware of these

of these pathways. Some aren't even aware that Men have Estradiol levels ( as baffling as that may seem). Anti-aging medicine is PROACTIVE medicine and you MUST take control and responsibility for your own care. Do your research, be involved in not only the creation, but the continuation of your care.  IT'S UP TO YOU and we will be with you ON EVERY STEP !