Our Medically-Assisted Weight-Loss progam is unique. Given in either a classroom or one-on-one setting, it incorporates not just invaluable information about nutrition and unique diet strategies, but also specialized medicine can be prescribed which can be time-release to help the initial stages in your lifestyle change. Even more exciting, we explain the role of hormones in weight-gain and weight-loss and the interaction between the two. For instance, we all seem to have the common experience or feeling like weight-gain can be exponential, meaning the first five pounds may come quickly, but the next five and the next, happen in highly accelerated fashion. HORMONES CAN PLAY AN ACTIVE AND VITAL ROLE IN THIS PROCESS. Fatty tissues contain an enzyme called AROMATASE which acts like a mini Estrogen factory. Estrogen in high amounts can actually increase something call TBG (Thyroid Binding Globulin). More Thyroid "binder" less "active" Thyroid, and finally, SLOWER METABOLISM.

Even Worse, in Men, this fatty tissue accumulation, and secondary Estrogen increase, can lead to increased Cardiovascular risks, and slow, or even shut down, endogenous Testosterone production. Therefore, it is especially vital to block this conversion as part of a Men's diet plan.


1)    Consuming less than 800 Calories per day puts the body in "Starvation Mode" where it burns muscle and preserves its fat stores.It does this as a means of pprotecting vital organs.

2) If you consume less than 200 calories from Carbohydrates, the enzyme that converts thyroid to its active form, therefore, slowing the metabolism dramatically. This is also why many people have initial success on the ATKINS style diets, but then hit a "wall" after 2 weeks.


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